KulturLegi Switzerland

In the context of our non-profit commitment we support the KulturLegi Switzerland of Caritas in the social integration of people affected by poverty.

1 085 000 people in Switzerland are affected by poverty or at risk of poverty. This has far-reaching consequences: Poverty often leads to limited participation in social and cultural life and can even result in social isolation.


KulturLegi allows around 93 000 people in Switzerland to enjoy cultural, educational and sporting opportunities that they otherwise would not be able to afford. Some 2 900 organisations and companies participate in the KulturLegi scheme and offer discounts of up to 70% on their products and services.


It is important to us that KulturLegi can expand its offer and also grow geographically. The KulturLegi Strategy 2017 and 2018 focuses on single parents and multi-child families. Despite modest conditions, they should be given the opportunity to take part in cultural and sporting activities in Switzerland.