CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup

Switzerland is a cycling country and not only is mountain biking popular – it is an established sport. As new title sponsor of the CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup, we are part of the most prestigious series of mountain bike races in Europe and therefore have our finger on the pulse of what is happening.

Ideal conditions for a successful partnership

The sport of mountain biking supports our brand values effectively. As an ambitious, typically Swiss medium-sized bank underpinned by sustainable values, the sport suits us perfectly. Mountain biking and banking both require commitment, a spirit of partnership and the ability to combine maximum performance with flexibility, reliability, perseverance and innovation.


CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup


Anticipating changes is one of our strengths. Being aware of what lies ahead is essential in both mountain biking and financial planning. By combining technology with the human touch effectively, as is the case with our new Swiss banking approach, we blend tradition with innovation. We combine technology with personalised advice and blend traditional banking with digital solutions. That makes us unique, just like the Swiss Bike Cup.

Competitive sport at the highest level

Elite riders and top juniors are ready to go in all of Switzerland’s language regions. Seven stages await them, varying in topography, length and disciplines. The riders compete in the categories of traditional circuit, urban short track and mountain destination, depending on where the race is held. The CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup was set up in 1994 in order to promote young talent. On average, around 800 elite riders and 500-2,000 recreational riders compete in each stage.


We are pleased to support the relatively new sport of mountain biking through our involvement with the CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup and look forward to meeting the biking community to experience lots of exciting races.