The Bank CIC Innovation Board

In order to strengthen innovation and actively develop it, Bank CIC has an Innovation Board.

Outstanding students of Swiss universities, preferably from the disciplines of business and IT, are admitted to the Innovation Board. They are members of a flexible innovation and ideas factory.


The bank submits innovation project applications to the board members which the students independently assess in terms of feasibility, process and monitor until implementation. At the same time, the students are given the opportunity to independently devise their own innovative and feasible solutions for the bank and to present them to the Management Committee. If required, they are assisted by the bank’s specialists.


Membership of the Innovation Board is time-limited for students and ends after a maximum of three years. Depending on the number of project orders, the board members attend meetings they convene within or outside of the bank. In addition, there are four official meetings. This commitment is rewarded in the form of annual remuneration. The position of innovation board member must not be confused with a traineeship based on permanent employment.


If you have any questions concerning the Innovation Board or if you would like to apply, please use our contact form.

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