CIC eLounge

The app that does everything your business requires. Just simpler.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Convenient all-in-one solution for taking care of your banking
  • Available 24/7 – any place and any time
  • Personalised overview, tailored to your company's needs
  • Compliance with the latest security standards and additional setting options that meet your personal need for security
  • Access to all contracts and documents
  • Available as an app and on your desktop – synchronised in real time

Independent issue of authorisations

You can issue authorisations to your staff in CIC eLounge in just a few clicks. This reduces your administrative effort, as formalities no longer need to be sent by post. You also have an overview in CIC eLounge at all times of the current situation regarding authorisations in your company.

Full flexibility

CIC eLounge is Bank CIC's new e-banking. With CIC eLounge we offer you an exclusive service for taking care of your banking business – any place and any time. It’s easy to switch between the app and the desktop version, which are synchronised in real time. This allows you to approve payments easily and efficiently via the app when you're on the go.


With CIC eLounge you always have online access to all account statements, correspondence and contracts with the bank. You independently define the individual access rights for each eLounge user in CIC eLounge and therefore have control over who is given access to which accounts or documents and who can perform transactions.

Simplification of your business

The dashboard gives you an overview of your client relationship. It’s tailored to your personal needs and can be expanded and adjusted to your requirements with just a few clicks.


CIC eLounge also reduces the work involved in processing your payment transactions. Documents can be uploaded and downloaded in CIC eLounge and standard formats such as pain and camt are easy to process. The eBill service is also available to you in CIC eLounge. It’s also easy to use readers such as scanning pens, which will speed up the processing of your payments.


In CIC eLounge, you can easily set up payment lists to reduce the work involved in making regular payments to the same recipients. This saves your company time and enhances your efficiency in processing your payments.


CIC eLounge gives you an overview of your assets and the performance of your portfolio. You can add your favourite securities to your personal watch list and set up price alarms. You can also add target rates for foreign currencies to the watch list to optimally hedge against currency risks and make sure that you don’t miss out on trading or investment opportunities.