Multibanking with payment transactions

Make your company more efficient: now you can manage all your accounts using a single login. Multibanking with payment transactions is a simple way of viewing all your bank accounts consolidated in the CIC eLounge digital service channel. Displaying accounts held with third-party banks is simple and easy. Bank CIC is the first bank in Switzerland that also lets you enter and execute payments on all banking relationships.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • A single log in for all your banking relationships
  • Execute payments for third-party banks directly in CIC eLounge
  • Asset overview including accounts held with third-party banks
  • Consolidated overview of all transaction data
  • Simple liquidity planning – across all accounts
  • Account transfers to and from third-party banks
  • Available 24/7

How multibanking from Bank CIC works


Watch the video to find out more about what multibanking from Bank CIC can do for you.

You only need one login for all banking relationships

The multibanking function is particularly useful for companies because it lets you see all your accounts at a glance in real time. Your accounts are displayed in the asset overview and can also be activated in overview in a customisable dashboard. This makes it easy and convenient to have a consolidated overview that will help you plan your liquidity. Our open banking solution also lets you enter and execute payments – for all banking relationships. Arranging payment transactions to and from third-party banks and account transfers in Switzerland and abroad is easy with multibanking, whether you’re in the office or travelling, whenever you want and completely free of charge. You retain an overview and save on time and convenience.


Activate CIC multibanking with payment transactions at your company

All you have to do to be able to use this additional service from Bank CIC is request an EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) agreement from your third-party bank in Switzerland and then send us the connection parameters. This connection to third-party banks is a familiar, standard interface in Switzerland for secure data transmission.


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