Investment consultancy

Using a holistic networked approach to achieve optimal investment solutions.

To enable you to invest successfully, we want to record and understand all aspects of your situation and your goals by means of a strategy discussion. During this interview, your investor profile will also be assessed on the basis of your willingness to take risks and your risk capacity. Our consultants proceed in a structured manner. A precisely defined advisory process creates the prerequisite for defining a tailor-made investment solution for you. During regular update meetings, the investment solution is reviewed, taking into account any changes in the personal situation, goals and market developments, and adjustments are made if necessary.

What are the features of successful investing?

Analysis, strategy and discipline are decisive success factors for achieving the desired success in investing. What does this mean for you?

Systematic analysis

Our experts monitor worldwide market developments on a daily basis and analyse developments in the financial markets and in companies. Based on these findings, they develop a clear position and assessment of markets and asset classes that are unique to Bank CIC. Depending on the investment solution, this knowledge is implemented directly for you when investing or you receive appropriate investment recommendations in order to be able to react to market developments and take advantage of market opportunities.

Appropriate strategy

Investors' needs and objectives are very individual. One can and wants to take more risks in order to generate a higher return, the other prefers to invest his money safely and in a balanced manner. The following questions need to be answered when choosing the most suitable investment strategy:

  • What are your long-term financial goals and framework conditions?
  • What are your return expectations?
  • Especially important: What fluctuation risks are you prepared to bear?

These and other considerations are discussed in a joint strategy discussion and lead to an investment strategy that is optimally tailored to you and your needs.

High level of discipline

Perhaps the most decisive factor for successful investment is discipline. The consistent implementation and monitoring of the defined investment strategy includes the continuous expansion of your portfolio and the allocation of investments to different asset classes. This avoids unnecessary investment risks such as emotional decisions, too much weighting of individual investment products, sectors and regions, or falling below a certain minimum credit rating of fixed-interest securities, which can have a negative impact on portfolio development.


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