Datacube: Outstanding energy efficiency

By using the Datacube we are doing something for the environment.

Since September 2019 our datacentre has been in the Datacube belonging to Tineo AG in Münchenstein in the canton of Basel-Landschaft. The Datacube is highly energy-efficient. The cooling and energy supply systems are rigorously optimised. The power usage effectiveness ratio (PUE) is 1.24. This indicates how much energy is needed for other things apart from just computing – cooling, for instance. The closer the PUE is to 1, the more efficiently the datacentre is running. The Datacube has won an award from the PUEDA funding programme run by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy for this outstanding energy efficiency.

Focus on environmental sustainability

In addition to the excellent PUE ratio, 100% of the energy comes from renewable resources. The environmental sustainability of the Datacube is further enhanced by a cooling system using ammonia – a natural, climate-neutral coolant. Waste heat is also recycled: the warmth generated by running the servers in the Datacube is captured by a smart system and used to heat the Primeo Energy industry campus next door.


We will remain committed to the environment and continue to strive for sustainable solutions. We are attempting to make a consistent contribution to a sustainable environment by investing in new technologies, raising staff awareness and pursuing a focused business strategy. We are delighted that all our staff can contribute to this every day through their sense of responsibility and behaviour.