Bank CIC reports positive result thanks to solid foundations, despite eventful year

2022 was a challenging year for the world and for Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. The bank demonstrated its resilience with net profit of CHF 26.2 million (-26.7%) and credit volume of CHF 9.7 billion (+2.9%), and is further strengthening its risk policy.

Despite a difficult macroeconomic and geopolitical backdrop, the bank demonstrated its resilience in 2022. Total assets were stable at CHF 13.0 billion (-1.8%). Interest income was CHF 116.5 million (+4.8%) and fee and commission income was CHF 42.6 million (+8.3%). Fee and commission income is an increasingly importance source of revenue, accounting for 22.3% of operating income. Other ordinary income was CHF 5.7 million, up 6.1% on the previous year. Total operating income was CHF 190.6 million, an increase of 8.8% on the previous year.

A long-term approach to business

With net profit of CHF 26.2 million (-26.7%), Bank CIC reported a satisfactory result for 2022 despite setting aside additional reserves and taking a prudent risk provisioning policy. At the end of 2022, Bank CIC employed 445 staff, including 12 newly created positions. The period under review saw only a slight increase in operating costs (+5.5%) to CHF 129.7 million, despite the higher headcount and investments in projects for the future.

A bank with solid foundations

Because the bank operates all over Switzerland, credit risk is widely diversified and largely secured on mortgages. Qualifying own funds amount to CHF 820 million, a sign of the solid foundations on which Bank CIC stands and sufficient for the bank’s future development. The liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) stands at 152.8%, well above the 100% minimum required by law.


A strategic review will be conducted in 2023 focusing on the bank’s strengths in Switzerland and possible synergies with its parent Crédit Mutuel Group. These offer enormous potential. The Group fully supports Bank CIC in Switzerland and has substantial international expertise in its products and services. The intention now is to exploit synergies and work more closely together for the maximum benefit of the Swiss bank. Thanks to the international network of the Crédit Mutuel Group, its range of products and services and Swiss expertise, Bank CIC is ideally placed to serve companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals with complex financial needs. In all the support in provides to its Swiss subsidiary, Crédit Mutuel honours regional and national characteristics and guarantees the bank can take its decisions at its headquarters in Switzerland.


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