Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about cleverinvest? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not among them, please do not hesitate to ask us in person.

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How does cleverinvest work?
What are the risks of using cleverinvest?
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Is there a minimum investment amount to benefit from cleverinvest?
I already have a custody account with Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. Can I still benefit from cleverinvest?
I have a cleverinvest portfolio in CHF. Can I open a second one in EUR?
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What themes can I invest in?
What is an ETF?
What is an index fund?
The proposed equity weighting does not meet my expectations based on the answers I gave in the investor profile. Can I change the equity weighting?
What investment strategies are available to choose from?
Can I adjust the equity weighting?
Do I absolutely have to select investment themes?
How many investment themes can I choose?
How can I adjust my defined investment strategy?
Who defines the investment opportunities in cleverinvest?
Do I need to select the investment securities in my portfolio myself?
Can I buy other investment securities in my cleverinvest portfolio?
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How do you ensure that the strategy I defined is implemented?
When will an adjustment in the equity weighting or my chosen investment themes be taken into account?
Why have transactions been executed even though I have not changed my strategy?
Why is it that my portfolio has not been restructured, even though the equity weighting has changed or I have transferred money (in or out)?
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How can I make regular payments without becoming active myself?
How will the payment plan benefit me?
What if I do suddenly not want to have all my capital invested for a while?
I need cash. Can I withdraw money from the cleverinvest portfolio?
Can I pay my bills out of the cleverinvest portfolio?
How do I go about withdrawing all my capital?