Useful information and assistance on multibanking


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What do I have to do to be able to use multibanking?
Do I need access to CIC eLounge to use multibanking?
Is it possible to display third-party bank accounts held with several different banks in CIC eLounge?
How long does it take until my third-party bank accounts are available in CIC eLounge?
Can accounts held with third-party banks abroad also be displayed in multibanking?
How up to date are the account data from third-party banks?
Is multibanking available for private individuals too?
I have arranged for multibanking to be activated and registration has been completed, but I still cannot see my third-party bank accounts. What do I do?
What are the preconditions for using multibanking?
What technology is used to connect to third-party bank accounts?
How much does it cost to use multibanking?

Payment transactions

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Are payments via data upload (data transfer using files in PAIN format) possible?
Can salary payments/confidential payments be executed through third-party bank accounts?
A payment through a third-party bank account has not been executed. Who can help me?
Which third-party bank accounts does multibanking work with?
Can I make account transfers between banks?
If I enter a payment from a third-party bank account, do I have to confirm each beneficiary?
Are all payments executed for same-day value?
Can third-party bank accounts be selected as the debit or credit account for stock exchange orders?

User administration

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Can individual rights for multibanking be assigned for each eLounge user?
How can I give access to third-party bank accounts to another eLounge user?
How can I remove access rights to third-party bank accounts from an eLounge user?


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I no longer wish to use multibanking in CIC eLounge. How should I proceed?