Medium-term notes

Our medium-term notes are the right choice if you want to invest your money securely and are keen to earn as much interest income as possible over several years. In return for committing for a fixed period of time, you will enjoy an attractive rate of interest. Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. offers medium-term notes with maturities of between two and ten years. The interest rate remains fixed for this period.

Our medium-term notes at a glance

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Select a maturity between two and ten years
  • Minimum investment from as little as CHF 1,000
  • No price fluctuations
  • No subscription or redemption costs
  • No custody account fees

What are medium-term notes?

Medium-term notes are fixed-rate bonds issued by Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. The interest rate is fixed and depends on the term selected, of between two and ten years. When the term ends, all your money is paid back plus interest. Interest is paid annually. Medium-term notes are available from a minimum of CHF 1,000 and holdings can be increased in increments of CHF 1,000. They cannot be redeemed early. They also cannot be traded on the stock exchange. Nor can they be issued as physical certificates.

Invest securely

Medium-term notes are covered by the statutory deposit insurance scheme. They count as secured balances, enjoy privileged status in bankruptcy up to CHF 100,000 and are covered by deposit insurance. For more information, see

Our current interest rates*

Valid for amounts up to CHF 100,000. Larger amounts on request.

2 years 1.25%
3 years 1.30%
4 years 1.35%
5 years 1.40%
6 years 1.45%
7 years 1.50%
8 years 1.55%
9 years 1.60%
10 years 1.65%

* The interest rates are indicative and may be changed at any time.