Succession planning

Securing your life's work and the financial security of your future.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Arrange your company succession plans and your private finances in a way that suits you
  • Holistic view of your situation for an individual solution
  • Access to the skills of experienced specialists

Planning for the future for you and your company

We know that planning your own succession in a company can be emotional and raise difficult decisions. The aim of our planning is to help find the right corporate succession solution for you and align your private finances optimally to your future personal needs.


Succession processes are often very complex and extend over many years, so we recommend starting planning as early as possible. This will help you, for instance to clarify matters of financing, the legal position, taxes, inheritance and family circumstances. Our experts are there to help you. It is particularly important to have an emergency succession plan too, to allow a quick response if something unexpected occurs. Do you agree? Make arrangements now and get in touch with us!


No two cases of succession planning are the same. That’s why we don’t offer pre-set advice, we work with you to find the best way to reach your own individual goals. Our specialists have many years of experience in different industries and thanks to our international network of partners they have excellent connections. They have already assisted countless firms to plan a smooth succession.


You too can profit from these benefits. Read how clients have already achieved smooth succession planning with Bank CIC: Spitex Perspecta AG was at the stage where no succession planning was yet in place. The two founders were putting their hearts and souls into driving the care company forwards. And after years of growth they knew it was crucial to arrange things for the future in good time. Everything started with an advisory meeting at Bank CIC.

Thanks to Bank CIC we found a suitable owner and achieved an attractive selling price

Alessandro Hunziker, founder of Spitex Perspecta AG


Find here the whole story of how Spitex Perspecta was able to benefit from the expert knowledge of Bank CIC and conduct a successful sale.

What are you looking for and what desires do you want to realise in future? Maybe you’re dreaming of selling your business. Or taking early retirement and travelling the world. Let’s find out together how the succession planning has to be arranged so you can realise your dreams. Take the first step now and arrange an advisory meeting. We will draw up customised financing for you.