Working capital financing

The management of operational liquidity is central to the company's success. We support you or your company with tailor-made and flexible financing solutions and support you in cash management.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive advice from a single source for a tailored solution
  • Optimised liquidity and increased planning certainty
  • Flexible financing models for maximum benefit
  • New, flexible forms of credit on the basis of SARON®

Overdraft facility

The overdraft facility offers you maximum flexibility for your short-term financing requirements. We grant you a credit limit on your current account, which you can use flexibly according to your requirements to bridge liquidity fluctuations. Interest is calculated only on the loan amount actually used.

Fixed advance

A fixed advance enables you to finance your working capital at short notice. You can calculate your interest costs precisely and hedge against interest rate fluctuations. Thanks to the fixed term (up to a maximum of twelve months) and the fixed interest rate, you benefit from a more favourable interest rate than with a current account credit.

CIC Flex advance

CIC Flex advance is a medium-term loan for investment, working capital or start-ups. It has a floating interest rate adjusted every 1, 3 or 6 months on the basis of the SARON® rate. The interest rate of the CIC Flex advance is defined at the start of the respective agreed interest rate period.