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I can dance, but only on the floor of the stock exchange

Dancing and music are one of those things… People say my hips are stiff and I have a poor taste in music. But I can live with that – I’m more a radio sort of guy: turn it on and listen. I don’t like everything the radio stations play, but I can wait. Wait for the next song.

Artificial intelligence is disrupting the financial market

It is hard to predict the extent to which the financial sector will change in the long term as a result of machine learning and other technology. The fact is that the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is already in full swing and having an impact on how banks and lenders make investment and financing decisions.

Future of finance

These days, every single bank – large or small – is concerned with digitalisation or adapting its business model to the technology of the 21st century. Generalisations like this cover a broad range of possible changes and innovations for banks, ranging from improving the products and services offered to the way banking procedures operate.

Paving the way to the private equity market

We recently issued a press release to announce the extension of our partnership with the Swiss fintech company Stableton and demonstrated opportunities arising from transactions of private equity and private debt. These financial transactions will present opportunities for higher returns and a diversification to the traditional asset classes. Opportunities are now emerging that were previously available exclusively to large-scale investors.

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