Short-, medium- and long-term credit models for flexible financing of your goals and plans. We advise you individually and develop tailor-made financing solutions for you.

Your benefits at a glance

  • An easy way to optimise the returns of your securities portfolio
  • Additional capital without selling your securities portfolio
  • Flexible design of your loan as a limit or fixed loan amount
  • Interest on loans can be deducted from taxable income

CIC Flex advance

CIC Flex advance is a medium-term loan for investment, working capital or start-ups. It has a floating interest rate adjusted in line with the SARON® rate every 1, 3 or 6 months. The interest calculation is based on the daily compounded SARON® («SARON® Compound»).

Lombard loan

You can increase your financial flexibility with a Lombard loan. On the basis of your deposited assets (collateral) you can quickly and easily invest additional funds and thus significantly optimise the return on your securities portfolio.

Yield optimisation

We grant Lombard loans for the purpose of financing securities investments so that you can achieve a leverage effect and better exploit the earnings potential of your securities portfolio. The Lombard loan is granted to you within a framework loan and against the pledging of assets that can be easily liquidated, such as shares or bonds.