cleverinvest allows you to continuously and digitally build up your assets in an easy, cost-effective and uncomplicated way. It is the flexible alternative to a savings account with higher return prospects.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Invest in themes in line with your personal interests
  • An attractive alternative to a conventional savings account
  • The themes and equity weighting selected can be adjusted at any time
  • Access your assets whenever you like
  • You can withdraw some or all of your assets at any time
  • Low investment costs
  • Transparent information about how the assets are performing
  • Quick and easy to open online

cleverinvest is a focused and low-cost way of using shares to invest in trends and themes without having to worry about the performance of the financial markets. Instead of selecting individual shares, you can focus on current and attractive themes and determine the percentage weighting they are to have in your portfolio.


cleverinvest is suitable for investors with little investment experience but who still want to profit from return opportunities. At the same time, the offer is aimed at all private individuals keen to invest in line with their personal interests.

Keep full flexibility with cleverinvest

You do not need to be wealthy to start building up your assets: cleverinvest is available with a starting balance of as little as CHF 1,000. Then you set the amount you would to like to pay in. Once the cumulative deposits reach CHF, your capital is invested again automatically. You can continuously build up your assets in a way that suits your budget. 


If you need some or all of your savings at short notice, making transfers at any time is no problem – without any rules on withdrawals.

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Savings account compared to the return opportunities with cleverinvest - calculation example

It could not be easier to tailor cleverinvest to your needs: 

  • Schritt 1

    1. Select equity weighting*

  • Schritt 2

    2. Select areas of interest

  • Schritt 3

    3. Pay in and enjoy the benefits

* You will be asked a few questions about your profile to help you select the equity weighting. The recommended equity weighting is calculated on the basis of the answers you give. However, you also have the option to set your desired equity weighting yourself afterwards. Weightings of 20%, 45%, 70% and 95% are available. It is also possible to invest in gold or real estate. In addition, there is a fixed 5% liquidity weighting. The rest is invested in Swiss bonds. Within the equity weighting, you select themes that best suit your interests. Based on the selection made, the amount invested is automatically placed in an appropriate ETF or index fund.

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Invest in themes and megatrends
Use cleverinvest as a savings plan
Use cleverinvest with a payout plan

Start out on the road to success in just ten minutes:

Open your cleverinvest now at Bank CIC. This allows you to invest in themes of your choosing. You will receive rapid, straightforward support in setting the investment strategy and a recommendation as to which equity weighting suits you. Thanks to CIC eLounge, changing the equity weighting and the themes selected is very simple and can be done around the clock and you can track the performance of your assets at any time.

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