Investment financing

When it comes to financing capital investments such as machinery or equipment, considerable financial resources are generally required. We support you in your investment plans by providing targeted solutions and competent advice.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive advice from a single source for an individual solution
  • High planning certainty thanks to a fixed interest rate
  • Flexible financing models for maximum benefit


A loan allows you to finance your projects with an agreed fixed amount, term and interest rate. The loan is granted as a medium to long-term credit facility for a specific asset or project, for example to carry out modernisation work or acquire machinery. As a fixed rate loan earmarked for a specific purpose, it must be amortised..

Fixed advance

A fixed advance enables you to finance your working capital at short notice. You can calculate your interest costs precisely and hedge against interest rate fluctuations. Thanks to the fixed term (up to a maximum of twelve months) and the fixed interest rate, you benefit from a more favourable interest rate than with a current account credit.