Real estate financing for companies

A flexible mix of conditions and a comprehensive range of products and services for your real estate project.

Your benefits at a glance

  • A variety of financing models for your maximum benefit
  • Opportunity to switch the mortgage model within your credit line
  • Precise and prompt processing thanks to short decision paths

Strong regional roots

Our regional networks and our many years of experience enable us to make a difference in the advice we provide. Based on our mortgage models, we make a significant contribution to the success of your real estate project.

Real estate financing for companies

We also offer you the financing of real estate as investment properties or as investment loans. In doing so, you conclude a framework credit agreement for the amount of liquidity you require. Within the framework loan, you can use various financing models flexibly and individually according to your needs.

Overview of mortgage options


Main features


Fixed-rate mortgage

  • Fixed interest over the entire term
  • Term of 2-10 years.
  • You know the long-term costs of financing and want to use fixed values in your calculations.
  • You expect interest rates to rise.

Variable-rate mortgage

  • Variable interest determined by the current market situation.
  • No fixed term
  • Can be terminated at any time subject to a six-month notice period.
  • You wish to remain flexible.
  • You want to profit from the movements of the market and are able to bear the respective risk.

LIBOR mortgage

  • LIBOR interest rate based on the six or twelve-month LIBOR rate.
  • No fixed term (at least 2 years, can switch to a different product at any time).
  • Possible to hedge against upward interest rate fluctuations
  • You wish to take advantage of the generally lower short-term interest rates or expect interest rates to fall.
  • You are able to cope with fluctuations.

Current account overdraft

  • Variable interest rate plus 0,25% lending fee p. a..
  • No fixed term.
  • Largely equivalent to the variable-rate mortgage.
  • You require flexibility in your use and repayment of short-term credit.

Construction loan

  • Variable rate of interest and partial consolidations are possible.
  • Converted into a mortgage on completion of construction.
  • On current account basis.
  • You wish to realise a construction, conversion or renovation project.

Land loan

  • Fixed or variable interest rate.
  • Term maximum of 2 years.
  • You wish to (pre) finance land ready for building.

Please note: Banque CIC does not finance any construction projects or real estate outside Switzerland.