Payment transactions

For convenient processing of your payments at home and abroad.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive range of products and services covering all
    needs with regard to your commercial payments
  • Several solutions for data transfer (e-banking, EBICS)
  • Cost-effective standard payments within Europe

Comprehensive range of products and services

Payment orders

  • Execute payment orders at any time and from any location via e-banking in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Send inpayment slips with the Piccolo order to the bank for payment.
  • Transmission of DTA files via e-banking/EBICS.
  • With the standardised payment order you can easily and conveniently make payments in all currencies.
  • With SEPA you benefit from low-cost standard payments within Europe (no special capture/no separate order required).

Standing orders

  • For regular payments with fixed amounts and deadlines to the same recipient (e.g. rent).
  • Can be changed or deleted at any time.

Direct debit procedure (LSV+)

  • Automatic debiting of regularly recurring payments in CHF and EUR with varying or constant amounts.
  • You have 30 days after notification to object if you do not agree to the payment (LSV+).

Red inpayment slips

You can see payment references and the contracting entity on the credit advice note.

To pay into your account, you can simply order inpayment slips in the desired quantity.


Interface for electronic data exchange between your company and us.

Master list

For wage payments.

BESR (orange inpayment slip)

The payment references can be found on the credit advice note. The amount will be credited to your account as a collective credit. The respective reference number can be obtained by downloading the BESR file in e-banking or EBICS.

Simple processing with unique reference number.


Clearing, post account und SWIFT code of Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd.



Post account