Investment account

The ideal account with preferential interest rates for processing securities transactions.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Alternative to a savings account, also available in foreign
    currency EUR
  • It costs nothing to open additional investment accounts – to save individually for separate goals, with each account being given its personalised name
  • Practical access to the account 24 hours a day via eLounge
  • Not suitable for payments

Flexibility and income

The investment account combines easy access with a preferential interest rate. Amounts starting from an equivalent value of CHF 500 000 are not charged interest. We also offer you flexible withdrawal conditions. We have no withdrawal restrictions for securities and precious metals purchases or for interest and amortisation payments. Amounts up to CHF/EUR 50 000 p. a. can be paid out without notice.


Higher amounts are subject to a three-month notice period. In the case of non-compliance with the notice period, a charge of 0,500% of the amount exceeding the limit is imposed at the end of the month or at the time of account closing. A maximum of two investment accounts can be opened per client. Further binding information can be found in the overview of range of accounts.

Opening investment account

Please find attached the contractual documents as a new client. As an existing client of the Bank you can open and use other accounts or investment options such as cleverinvest or retirement solutions directly in your CIC eLounge.


You can find the current conditions and interest rates here.