Structured products

Targeted investment for a higher return opportunity.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Targeted investment that corresponds to your personal
    market expectation
  • Opportunity to enhance returns and/or minimise risk
  • Individual structuring even with small amounts
  • Prompt implementation of your investment ideas
  • Access to numerous issuers and special markets, even with a small capital investment
  • Possibility to exploit short-term return opportunities
  • Products with capital protection

With the use of structured products, you can profit in a targeted manner from the occurrence of a market expectation and thereby determine your earnings potential and your risk individually. Structured products are suitable for hedging and yield optimisation - an interesting addition to all portfolios. On request, we will put together an individual product for you.

Capital protection products

If you want the higher return opportunities of structured products with a high level of risk protection at the same time, capital protection products are suitable for you. Irrespective of the price development of the underlying, your capital is either partially or 100% protected at maturity, depending on your choice of product. Depending on the price development of the underlying, you benefit from positive returns.

Yield optimisation products

When markets are stable or rising slightly, you can benefit from attractive additional income, often in the form of coupon payments. However, these products do not guarantee any minimum repayment of the capital invested. In contrast to the capital-protected products, you can benefit from higher yield opportunities depending on how the market develops.

Participation products

This product is an alternative to direct investment in the underlying, with the same risk-opportunity profile. Unlike a direct investment, you can benefit from additional components such as conditional capital protection, or increased participation or income when prices trend downwards and/or upwards. Participation products are subject to market fluctuations.