Discretionary mandate

With a discretionary mandate you delegate your investment decisions to the bank and benefit from prudent management of your financial assets without having to invest any time. The selected investment strategy is consistently implemented in line with your risk profile.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Professional and active asset management that does
    not take up your time
  • Consistent implementation of your defined investment strategy
  • Investment decisions are made in a rational and fact-based manner
  • Optimised investment risk thanks to broad diversification
  • Regular review of the investment objectives and investment solution
  • Regular detailed reporting on the performance of your portfolio

Professional and customised management of your assets

The interplay between the various financial market protagonists is becoming increasingly complex and hard to understand. The decisions that need to be taken for the longer term are becoming increasingly challenging. It is also often hard to find the time to follow trends closely enough to be able to take well founded decisions.


The discretionary mandate ensures that your assets are managed actively and professionally in line with your chosen investment strategy. Based on the investment profile you agree with your relationship manager, you can chose from five strategies.


In addition to the five standard strategies for structuring your discretionary mandate, other options are also available to you:

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Discretionary mandate
Discretionary mandate Replica Pension Foundation
Discretionary mandate Dividend Focus
Discretionary mandate Cash Plus
Discretionary mandate Private Debt Basic
Discretionary mandate PK FIT
Discretionary mandate Unique

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