Discretionary mandate

With a discretionary mandate you delegate your investment decisions to the bank and benefit from prudent management of your financial assets without having to invest any time. The selected investment strategy is consistently implemented in line with your risk profile.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Professional and active asset management that does
    not take up your time
  • Consistent implementation of your defined investment strategy
  • Investment decisions are made in a rational and fact-based manner
  • Optimised investment risk thanks to broad diversification
  • Regular review of the investment objectives and investment solution
  • Regular detailed reporting on the performance of your portfolio

Professional and customised management of your assets

The interplay between the various financial market protagonists is becoming increasingly complex and hard to understand. The decisions that need to be taken for the longer term are becoming increasingly challenging. It is also often hard to find the time to follow trends closely enough to be able to take well founded decisions.


The discretionary mandate ensures that your assets are managed actively and professionally in line with your chosen investment strategy. Based on the investment profile you agree with your relationship manager, you can chose from five strategies.

You can chose between the discretionary mandate classic (> Link auf Vermögensverwaltungsmandat Classic)  and the mandate with funds (> Link auf Vermögensverwaltungsmandat Classic) 

Discretionary mandate classic

In the discretionary mandate classic, investments are made in individual securities and in collective investments such as funds or structured products within the framework of your chosen investment strategy. You invest in a traditional and broadly diversified asset management solution that has proven itself over decades. Renowned experts are responsible for the active asset allocation within the portfolio. Depending on the market situation, we take advantage of short-term market opportunities for you within a global investment universe and hedge currency risks.


The discretionary mandate classic is available from an investment amount of CHF 500 000 in the reference currencies Swiss franc, euro and US dollar. Five investment strategies are available.


Other versions of the Classic discretionary mandate are available. For example, from just CHF 250,000 you can invest in equities with the Dividend Focus discretionary mandate. Ask your relationship manager about your options.

Discretionary mandate with funds

The discretionary mandate with funds ensures professional management of your assets within the framework of the selected investment strategy based on the best investment funds worldwide. Both our own and third-party funds are used for this purpose. Using sophisticated fund research, our experts analyse thousands of investment funds according to the "Best in Class" principle before they are selected for your investment. Thanks to our open architecture, we can find and consider the best fund managers in the world.


You can benefit from a discretionary mandate with funds with an investment amount of CHF 100 000. It is available in the reference currencies Swiss franc, euro and USD and there are five investment strategies to choose from.


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