Factoring allows you to hedge against losses of receivables while optimising your liquidity. The outsourcing of the time-consuming debt collection process simultaneously reduces both your costs and your risk. With a solution tailored to your company, you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Secure cash flow
  • Protection against losses of receivables
  • Increased financial leeway
  • Improved credit rating

More flexibility, less risk

With factoring you sell your company's outstanding claims against debtors to a factor, in return for which you immediately receive an advance on the outstanding claims. This provides your company with short-term liquidity and ensures a stable inflow of cash, allowing you to improve your financial flexibility, immediately exploit new market opportunities, and finance investments to boost your company's future growth. Thanks to the option of hedging the default risk you can reduce your risk of expanding into new markets and enter into successful business relationships with new customers.

Strong partnership for tailor-made and innovative solutions

Rooted in the strong foundation of the cooperative Crédit Mutuel-CIC Group, Bank CIC is the Swiss representative of CM-CIC Factor. Thanks to its dynamism, CM-CIC Factor, which specialises in debtor administration, is a key player in the factoring services industry.


Factoring is available to clients domiciled in Switzerland.