Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard

Direct and standardised communication between companies and banks

EBICS is a standardized interface to financial applications that is becoming increasingly established in Switzerland. It has a high security standard for electronic data exchange in payment transactions and offers fast communication between your company and us.


The direct connection to the customer's financial application or enterprise resource planning system (ERP system) enables the transmission of payments, the collection of BESR receipts and electronic account statements. EBICS is compatible with the new ISO-20022 standards.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Direct connection to the financial application / ERP system
  • Multi-bank compatible communication and security standard
  • Independent user administration within the financial application / ERP system
  • State of the art security standards through the use of hash values
  • No e-banking login required
  • Overview of all transactions (protocol)
  • Available at any time 24/7
  • Connection to EBICS interface free of charge


  • Standardised EBICS interface
  • Compatible with the new ISO-20022 standards


  • Customer relationship with Bank CIC
  • Own EBICS-capable financial application/own EBICS-capable ERP system (the EBICS interface is already considered by various providers of financial applications and ERP systems
  • Agreement on the use of EBICS