Our tips for pillar 3a

With the six tips on pillar 3a you are well prepared for retirement.

  1. Enjoy the annual tax deduction and pay into a 3a account even when you’re still young.
  2. If you have several 3a accounts you can reduce your taxes later by making withdrawals in stages.*
  3. If your investment horizon is four years or more, invest in securities and increase your return prospects.
  4. Achieve optimum diversification by investing in stages, e.g. with a standing order.
  5. The longer your investment horizon, the higher your equity exposure should be – taking into consideration your personal risk appetite.
  6. Many people are unaware that you can also invest just some of your pillar 3a capital in a retirement fund – CHF 1,000 is all you need to get started.


*In general, we recommend opening an additional 3a retirement account for amounts over CHF 50,000.

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