Six tips for pillar 3a

With these six tips for pillar 3a you will be well prepared for your retirement. We explain what you need to watch for when saving for retirement, and the mistakes you absolutely must avoid.

  1. Enjoy the annual tax deduction and pay into a 3a account even when you’re still young, if possible.
  2. If you have several 3a accounts, you can reduce the tax progression later by making withdrawals in stages.
  3. If you have longer-term savings goals, invest in securities and increase your potential return.
  4. The longer your investment horizon, the higher your equity exposure should be – taking into consideration your personal risk appetite.
  5. By investing your money in stages (for instance with a regular standing order), you also benefit from average entry prices and boost your long-term potential return.
  6. Many people are unaware that you can also invest just some of your pillar 3a capital in a retirement fund – CHF 1,000 is all you need to get started.

What makes our offering special?

For over ten years our preferential rate has been one of the best interest rates in Switzerland. Our retirement fund universe consists of investment funds from numerous providers carefully selected to reflect a range of quality criteria. We pay special attention to value for money, sustainability and the diversity of the offering, in an attempt our offer clients the best possible selection.


Ongoing monitoring ensures the offering meets the criteria that have been set. You can invest your money with various focuses: equity weighting, the strategy focus or a thematic approach.


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