Bank CIC implements digital asset management for AXA

For a number of months now, AXA has been offering a digital asset management solution under the name EasyInvest. This allows all client groups to have their assets managed online directly. As the implementation partner, Bank CIC has realised the project and provides all services, including digital onboarding, via interfaces. In doing so, the bank acts as an integrated service provider and an efficient custodian bank. EasyInvest was developed in conjunction with ti&m AG on the basis of “clevercircles”, Bank CIC’s own investment platform, and is operated on the same infrastructure in Switzerland.

Digital asset management fully integrated

With EasyInvest, AXA is offering its clients a very comfortable and flexible solution for investing their own money in the financial markets professionally. The client can arrange for an AXA pension advisor to advise them or open the account themselves online in a hybrid approach. The portfolios can be assembled from 14 actively and passively managed funds in various asset classes. These can be freely combined. They are automatically rebalanced on a regular basis. AXA EasyInvest enables clients to track the performance of their portfolio via the pension portal and carry out modifications on request. As a special feature, clients can activate a staggered investment, which automatically spreads the investment amount over their desired period, reducing the timing risk.

Project and operations from a single source

Bank CIC has been working together hand in hand with its strategic implementation partner ti&m AG to realise the project. On the basis of this established collaboration, Bank CIC has taken on responsibility for all developments and for the operation of the overall solution. This comprises the role of custodian bank and the level of software applications and interfaces. With this integrated solution, the bank is providing its B2B partners with a simple and needs-based investment solution that can be implemented by the bank. 

Initial client analysis

AXA has carried out a user analysis for EasyInvest based on the first few months of operation. The findings make interesting reading. For example, the average volume of investment currently stands at just under CHF 90,000 and the average age of the clients is 55, with the volume of investment increasing in line with the age of the clients. Women are well represented in comparison to other investment solutions in the market, accounting for a third of the clients. What is interesting is that around half of the clients are making use of the opportunity to adjust their investment strategy individually, confirming that this is a major client requirement.



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