The DreamTeam at FC Basel 1893

We support a special team at FC Basel 1893, the FCB DreamTeam. This was founded over 20 years ago with the aim of making it possible for people with a mental or physical handicap to play football and take part in the life of the club.

There are currently four teams engaging in the sport weekly; they take part in around six tournaments and have special training sessions with FCS stars like Elisabeth Mayr (FCB NLA women’s team) and Taulant Xhaka (FCB first team); they also do joint activities next to the pitch. They not only train for fitness, they also gain practice team spirit, partnership and taking decisions. The highlight for the 70 or so participants is the annual DreamTeam Whitsun Tournament, with ten teams from Switzerland and Germany.


We are proud to be acting as Presenting Partner from the 2021/22 season for this unique team, with their emphasis on enjoying life and taking delight in team sport.