Protect your Visa Debit Card

Card misuse (e.g. for phishing or skimming) is successful or attempted fraud using a payment card such as your new Visa Debit Card. The aim of the fraudsters may be to obtain goods, services or cash.

How do I protect myself against card misuse?

The following steps will make your Visa Debit Card more secure against fraud:

  • Activate 3-D Secure (debiX+ app).
  • Use geoblocking to restrict the regions in which it can be used.
  • Reduce your daily and monthly limits if you do not use them.
  • Treat your card number, PIN, check digit (CVV) and pass-word as confidential.
  • Be wary when opening and answering emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages. Check the sender carefully and do not open any links until you have hovered over the URL to verify that it is correct.
  • Only shop on secure sites.
  • Choose strong passwords and do not use the same pass-word for multiple websites and log-ins.
  • Update your devices and software regularly.
  • Be cautious when taking calls. If you are uncertain, ring back using the companys official telephone number.

For further duties of care, please see the Conditions.

What is geoblocking?

Your Visa Debit Card is activated worldwide as standard. Geoblocking enables you to restrict the use of your debit card in specific regions, thus giving your card more effective protection against misuse. For example, if you never go to Asia, you can automatically block your card from being used in this region. You can remove the restrictions at any time on request.

Card blocking according to countries and regions

With the geoblocking function, you choose the countries or regions to be blocked based on your personal requirements. All transactions carried out in these countries or regions will then be declined automatically, making misuse almost impossible. If you do not set any restrictions, your card can still be used all over the world.

Manage opportunities for card use

You can protect your card against being used in certain ways:

  • withdrawals from cash machines
  • eCommerce (online payments)
  • contactless payments
  • online betting and gambling

Manage limits 

Various spending limits have been defined for your Visa Debit Card:

  daily monthly
Total CH 3 000 CHF 5 000
Point of sale (POS)  CH 3 000 CHF 5 000
Online payments (eCommerce) CH 3 000 CHF 5 000
Withdrawals from cash machines CH 3 000 CHF 5 000

You can adjust each limit individually in eLounge. 
Please note: a transaction can only be executed if you have sufficient funds in your account. 

Managing your card – how to adjust your card settings

You can adjust all the settings yourself quickly and easily in CIC eLounge under “Card management”: Geoblocking, opportunities for use and limits. Your changes will become active within a few minutes.

The above-mentioned settings can only be implemented by eLounge users who have all eLounge, administrator or contractual/agreement rights.

Alternatively, please contact your relationship manager or call the CIC ON team on +41 58 268 16 00 if you want to restrict or activate regions.