Discover the new card

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What is a Visa Debit Card?
Why has the Maestro card been replaced by the Visa Debit Card?
What is the difference between my Visa Debit Card and my credit card?
Can I use my card as soon as I have ordered it?
Where do I find the CVV number?
How do I use the card to shop online?
Is the Visa Debit Card accepted by car rental companies?
Do I have to sign my Visa Debit Card?
Do I have to enter my PIN when making contactless payments?
I have a limit of CHF 3 000, but can only pay CHF 500. Why is availability restricted?

Security and card management

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How can I protect my Debit Card?
When do the changes I make in card management take effect?
Where can I see a temporary transaction or reservations?
Can I unblock my card myself?
Does geoblocking apply to online payments, too?
How do I change the PIN?
I have forgotten my PIN. How do I get a new one?
I have lost my Visa Debit Card or it has been stolen. What should I do?
I would like to object to a card transaction. What should I do?
My card is defective. What can I do?
I have received the PIN and the OTRC letter, but no debit card; what should I do?

Online payments (debiX+ app)

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Why do I need the debiX+ app?
What is the purpose of the OTRC letter?
What is 3-D Secure and how do I use it?
Why was there no 3DS confirmation when I bought something online?
I do not want to make online payments; can I deactivate this type of use?