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Clever planning secures your future: Maximise retirement assets when withdrawing them

Retirement assets are saved up during employment, often for a pension or better retirement provision. Besides government levies, old-age and survivors’ insurance (OASI) contributions (pillar 1) and employers’ contributions to the pension fund (pillar 2), employed persons with an income subject to OASI contributions can also pay into pillar 3 – the tied pillar 3a retirement provision – and in turn deduct the contributions from taxable income.

Order of beneficiaries for 3a retirement provision

Do you want to decide for yourself who has a claim to your pillar 3 (savings 3 foundation) retirement assets when you die? In this article, we explain the applicable provisions and show you how you can change your order of beneficiaries.

Renovating your garden by making an early withdrawal from your pillar 3a savings

Are you planning renovation work in the garden of the home you own? Would you like to withdraw money from your retirement savings to do so? This article explains how you can use your pillar 3a savings to renovate residential property.

Six tips for pillar 3a

With these six tips for pillar 3a you will be well prepared for your retirement. We explain what you need to watch for when saving for retirement, and the mistakes you absolutely must avoid.

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