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Persönliche Meinungen und Kommentare zu Finanzthemen aller Art.

Opinions on the stock market: Roche

from the collapse in demand for COVID tests. Even so, it grew 7% in the third quarter and reported double-digit growth rates in the high-margin pharma division for the first time in years. Patent expires on the three big cancer drugs (Avastin, Herceptin and Rituxan) are becoming less significant, as are the COVID tests, and from 2024 onwards Roche will be back on track for double-digit growth.

«Food Revolution» - Investing in the sustainable food production of the future

«Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,» proclaimed Hippocrates, founder of western medicine, as long ago as 460 BC. This means just as much now as it did then. The pressing health and social challenges of today include not only obesity and sugar, but also the growing impact of food production on the planet. But it is precisely here that we are experiencing more than just a trend reversal – it is an outright food revolution. This presents attractive investment opportunities.

Ukraine, Russia and trade finance

Ukraine has long been recognised as one of the largest producers of grain in the world. Its fertile land and favourable climate make it an agricultural powerhouse, contributing significantly to the world’s food supply. According to the European Commission, Ukraine accounts for 10% of the global wheat market, 15% of the corn market and 13% of the barley market. It is also a key global player in the sunflower oil market. As of today, with the Black Sea Grain Corridor agreement not being extended by Russia, trade finance managers find themselves at a crossroads.

Opinions on the stock market: After the bull rally...

The sizeable revision to Nvidia second-quarter revenue forecasts set off a series of events on the markets. Valuations of AI stocks rose, cheering investors’ spirits.

Throw the equity switch!

Equity strategy: Anyone willing to take their Swiss equity investments into their own hands can beat the market over the long term with a relatively simple strategy of switching from one ETF to another. And they can do so without becoming hyperactive.

Why it’s worth investing for children and grandchildren

Many parents, grandparents and godparents like to set money aside for their children. But what’s the best way to do it? Set up a savings account? Or is it better to invest the money? We explain the pros and cons of both options.

Future of finance

These days, every single bank – large or small – is concerned with digitalisation or adapting its business model to the technology of the 21st century. Generalisations like this cover a broad range of possible changes and innovations for banks, ranging from improving the products and services offered to the way banking procedures operate.

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