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Gold as a safe haven

Gold is seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty. Read our blog post to find out more about how the gold price has performed and the factors that affect it.

Caught between strength and stagnation: a glance at the franc, interest rates and dividends

At a time when stock market indices all over the world are hitting new highs, the Swiss market is standing out for its remarkable restraint. The DAX, CAC 40, DJII and S&P500 have all been putting in impressive performances and setting new records, but the Swiss equity market is stuck some 10% below its all-time high at the end of 2021. This raises questions, especially as the Swiss franc has appreciated strongly against the dollar and the euro, and as major stocks like Roche and Nestlé show signs of weakness. In our interview with Chief Investment Officer Luca Carrozzo we investigate the reasons behind the poor performance of the Swiss market, discuss the role of the strong franc and consider whether the Swiss National Bank (SNB) needs to cut interest rates to get the equity markets going again. Find out why Swiss securities are out of favour at the moment and what this means for investors.

Opinions on the stock market: Swiss equities

Conventional wisdom has it that those who rely on yields and wish to sleep soundly buy bonds. This is only partially true, as was demonstrated clearly last year.

Luca Carrozzo, Chief Investment Officer of Bank CIC in an interview on the current market situation

On 1 January 2023, Luca Carrozzo became the new Chief Investment Officer of Bank CIC, making him responsible for investment strategy. It’s time to take a look at the markets with him.

Perspectives 03/2023

The Swiss economy got off to a surprisingly good start to the year, growing by 0.5% quarter on quarter in the first quarter. This was largely driven by domestic demand and capital investment. Annual inflation has been falling steadily in the past few months as a result of energy prices returning to normal, and the situation in the labour market still looks extremely positive.

Throw the equity switch!

Equity strategy: Anyone willing to take their Swiss equity investments into their own hands can beat the market over the long term with a relatively simple strategy of switching from one ETF to another. And they can do so without becoming hyperactive.

Opinions on the stock market: Banking crisis 2.0?

The situation surrounding banks has eased a little in the last few days, but the crisis is not over yet.

perspectives 02/2023

Contrary to expectations, Swiss economic growth was stagnant in the last quarter of 2022. October and November saw declining exports and a negative contribution from construction. However, the exceptionally warm winter meant the impact of the energy crisis on the economy was not as bad as had been feared. Worries of a recession receded accordingly over the winter months. Gross domestic product in Switzerland enjoyed strong growth of 2.1% last year.

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