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Security on the internet

Worried about security on the internet? You’re not the only one. In today’s digital world, protecting your financial data really matters. Fraudsters use cunning techniques to get hold of our personal data and cause us financial harm. This blog will tell you all you need to know about the commonest forms of fraud on the internet and give you valuable tips on how to protect yourself and your data.

AHV 21: reforming Swiss retirement provision: an overview

Retirement provision is a key issue in Switzerland and has been at the heart of societal and political concerns for years. The pension system is constantly under pressure to reform due to demographic change and rising life expectancy. This blog post provides an overview of the current AHV 21 reform.

perspectives 03/2024

The central banks once again proved to be the key market drivers in the second quarter. The Swiss National Bank set the tone and surprised the world by cutting interest rates in March, and then again in June. The European Central Bank is keen to demonstrate its independence from the Fed and also risked a cut in June.

The Swiss financial centre competing internationally

Interview between Luca Carrozzo and the Swiss Association of Wealth Managers.

House opinion in June

Every month we publish our opinion on the macroeconomic environment.

House opinion in April

Every month we publish our opinion on the macroeconomic environment.

perspectives 02/2024

The first quarter is already behind us and performance was positive. Artificial intelligence remained a focus of attention and was one of the main drivers of the positive return from financial markets. According to a study published recently, the number of companies mentioning AI in their financial reports has reached a new record: 36%.

Retirement saving made simple

Saving for their old age is one of the things that worries Swiss people the most. Not just the more senior members of the population either; younger ones like Generation Z are equally concerned. Because sooner or later, it is the younger generations that will be carrying the Swiss retirement system on their shoulders. And the system is not as stable as it used to be. So if you want to be as comfortably off as possible in the future, you need to deal with the issue of saving for your retirement at an early stage. This blog post will explain what you need to know about the Swiss three-pillar system and how you can benefit from it as much as possible in future.

Caught between strength and stagnation: a glance at the franc, interest rates and dividends

At a time when stock market indices all over the world are hitting new highs, the Swiss market is standing out for its remarkable restraint. The DAX, CAC 40, DJII and S&P500 have all been putting in impressive performances and setting new records, but the Swiss equity market is stuck some 10% below its all-time high at the end of 2021. This raises questions, especially as the Swiss franc has appreciated strongly against the dollar and the euro, and as major stocks like Roche and Nestlé show signs of weakness. In our interview with Chief Investment Officer Luca Carrozzo we investigate the reasons behind the poor performance of the Swiss market, discuss the role of the strong franc and consider whether the Swiss National Bank (SNB) needs to cut interest rates to get the equity markets going again. Find out why Swiss securities are out of favour at the moment and what this means for investors.

Cybersecurity in e-banking: Trust and security in a digitally connected world

Rapid digitalisation of the financial industry has revolutionised the way people do their banking. This has not only increased efficiency and user-friendliness, but also created new challenges when it comes to security and data protection. For banks, ensuring a protected digital environment is a top priority. For this reason, they continuously invest in innovative technologies and training to constantly maintain security standards.

Is ESG worthwhile for investors?

ESG is becoming an increasingly prominent issue for private clients, and for younger ones in particular sustainable investing is essential. Even more attention will be focused on the issue from 1 January 2024, when the mandatory minimum investment standards of the Swiss Bankers Association come into effect.

A win-win situation: optimise your retirement savings and save taxes

Make sure you are best prepared for the future. If you plan for the long term in Switzerland, you can optimise your retirement savings and save taxes at the same time. How does that work, exactly? This blog post explains how you can cut your tax burden and boost your retirement savings, even if you have a high income.

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