CIC perspectives

Quarterly market information report featuring economic perspectives, personal opinions and an overview of the key markets.

CIC perspectives 02/2024

2 April 2024

  • Economic perspectives: Growth below potential
  • Markets: Bull market in equities facing a test


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CIC perspectives 01/2024

2 October 2023

  • Economic perspectives: Growth below potential
  • Markets: Bull market in equities facing a test


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CIC perspectives 04/2023

2 October 2023

  • Economic perspectives: Growth below potential
  • Markets: Bull market in equities facing a test


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CIC perspectives 03/2023

3 July 2023

  • Economic perspectives: Growth below potential
  • Markets: Bull market in equities facing a test


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CIC perspectives 03/2023

3 July 2023

  • Economic perspectives: Growth below potential
  • Markets: Bull market in equities facing a test


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CIC perspectives 02/2023

3 April 2023

  • Economic perspectives: Building confidence!
  • Markets: Keeping a cool head in an uncertain environment


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CIC perspectives 01/2023

3 January 2023

  • Economic perspectives: Disinflation in 2023?
  • Markets: Equity markets remain volatile
  • Topic: I can dance, but only on the floor of the stock exchange
  • In brief:
    • Simple and secure cashless payments
    • Changes to depositor protection

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CIC perspectives 04/2022

3 October 2022

  • Economic perspectives: The fight against inflation has begun
  • Markets: A path full of obstacles
  • Topic: Artificial intelligence is disrupting the financial market
  • In brief:
    • Swiss Bike Cup and CIC ON: successful transition in Gstaad
    • 3a retirement savings: time to invest in the future

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CIC perspectives 03/2022

  • Economic prospects: Monetary policy inertia and anti-cyclical action
  • Markets: The moment of truth is approaching
  • Topic: Future of finance

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CIC perspectives 02/2022

  • Economic perspectives: Swiss consumer prices remain low
  • Markets: Corporate profits support equity market
  • Topic: Paving the way to the private equity market

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CIC perspectives 01/2022

  • Economic perspectives: Recent signs
  • Markets: Things are becoming more difficult
  • Topic: Are you optimising your 3a pension assets?
  • In brief: Succession planning requires
    a strong partner

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CIC perspectives 04/2021

  • Economic perspectives: Swiss economy faring well
  • Markets: Fed makes about-turn in policy
  • Topic: Active or passive? Not much choice
  • In brief: Classical sounds and new interpretations
  • Engagement: YOUNG STAGE – festival full of emotion

CIC perspectives 03/2021

  • Economic perspectives: Fear of inflation in Switzerland is unfounded in the short term
  • Markets: Will inflation spoil the party for the stock exchange?
  • Topic: What do you pack in your suitcase?
  • Payment slips: Switch to QR bills and eBills now

CIC perspectives 02/2021

  • Economic perspectives: Struggling sectors
  • Markets: Ready, steady, go!
  • Topic: Why succession planning is so important
  • News from CIC eLounge
  • New SARON® benchmark interest rate

CIC perspectives 01/2021

  • Economic perspectives: 
    Back to normality in 2021?
  • Markets: A lot of things will improve in 2021!
  • Topic: Made of wood, rags or waste-paper
  • Comprehensive client protection
  • Easy access to your shareholder rights

CIC perspectives 04/2020

  • Economic perspectives: The way remains uneven
  • Markets: End-of-year rally?
  • Topic: CIC eLounge – the combination of individual advice and digital solutions
  • Benefit from a higher potential return when investing in retirement funds – now up to 100% equity weighting
  • Social commitment

CIC perspectives 03/2020

  • Economic perspectives: Aid packages and loan guarantees worldwide
  • Markets: Economic recovery in the second half of 2020
  • Column: Swiss Banking – when the long-established and innovation meet
  • Improve your retirement savings with the 3a retirement  fund that’s just right for you
  • Less paper with CIC eLounge

CIC perspectives 02/2020

Due to the rapid changes on the stock markets and the difficult market environment, Perspectives 02/2020 is not published. This issue will not be published.

CIC perspectives 01/2020

  • Economic perspectives: Courage to invest will pay off
  • Markets: Is scepticism drivin the bull market?
  • Column: What does an airport lounge have to do with an advisory mandate?
  • 3a retirement savings: find the right retirement fund for you
  • QR bill 

CIC perspectives 04/2019

  • Economic Perspectives: Recession clears the way for expansion
  • Markets: All-time highs and economic pessimism
  • Column: Improve your pension provision with 3a retirement funds
  • CIC Weekly Markets Newsletter
  • CIC eLounge: a flexible tool
  • Data cube – excellent energy efficiency

CIC perspectives 03/2019

  • Economic perspectives: the challenge of low inflation

  • Markets: “The markets in the frenzy of a flood of money."

  • Column: Video gaming gains in popularity – even among investors

  • Top Yield BRC

  • Pillar 3a: potential at hand

  • Supplement "CIC eLounge"

CIC perspectives 02/2019

  • Economic perspectives: Risks on the rise
  • Markets: “Central banks are turning into banks for those in need.”
  • Column: Customer orientation generates added value
  • Thematic investments
  • Stellar result in 2018

CIC perspectives 01/2019

  • Economic perspectives: Swiss exports at new all-time high
  • Markets: “Kicking off a challenging year on stock markets”
  • Column: Retreat!
  • 3a retirement funds: 2018 favourites
  • Crédit Mutuel particularly resilient

CIC perspectives 04/2018

  • Economic perspectives: World economy in limbo
  • Markets: In the grip of “Trump tweets”
  • Column: Flexible provision thanks to Pillar 3a investment savings plans
  • CIC US Smart Cap Portfolio
  • Bringing smiles to children’s faces at the hospital: Our commitment to the Theodora Children's Charity

CIC perspectives 03/2018

  • Economic perspectives: Swiss economy – full speed ahead
  • Markets: The stock market – a never-ending comeback story?
  • Column: What do drums have to do with pension funds?
  • An approach to stock picking: Stay calm, systematically, is our mantra
  • Our brand: We unveiled our brand new look in mid-April

CIC perspectives 2/18

  • Economic perspectives: inflation looming?
  • Column: the great mistery: who are the most powerful of them all?
  • In vino veritas: wine market as alternative Investment
  • YOUNG STAGE celebrates 10th anniversary

CIC perspectives 1/18

  • Economic perspectives: Historically familiar pattern  – the equity market remains positive
  • Column: Stay cool when it comes to investing
  • Capital protection for bonds – the conservative alternative
  • Overview of range of accounts of Banque CIC (Suisse)

CIC perspectives 4/17

  • Economic perspectives: “Gains lead to more gains”
  • Column: Silent witnesses
  • Harmonising Swiss payments
  • Looking forward to your retirement?
  • Banque CIC (Suisse) is expanding

CIC perspectives 3/17

  • Economic perspectives: investor confidence rises
  • Column: “so tell me, how much do you earn?”
  • Drones and robots – unmanned high flyers
  • Banque CIC (Suisse) supports development of a speaking watch

CIC perspectives 2/17

  • Economic perspectives: slumbering political risks in Europe
  • Column: currency shock, and then?
  • Protection against inflation
  • Banque CIC (Suisse) is the new presenting partner of YOUNG STAGE

CIC perspectives 1/17

  • Economic perspectives: US fiscal policy as a potential lubricant of the global economy
  • Column: cautiously aggressive is the new conservative
  • 3a investment savings plan – start the new year with a boost
  • Overview of range of accounts of Banque CIC (Suisse)

CIC perspectives 4/16

  • Economic perspectives: Back to normal
  • Column: Desperately seeking successors – Generation Y are not interested
  • Battery boom – energy storage is the key to our future
  • Stress test 2016: Crédit Mutuel retains leading position

CIC perspectives 3/16

  • Economic perspectives: growth in spite of doubts about monetary policies and the spanner in the global engine
  • Column: at eye level with technology!
  • Much hurly-burly about black gold

CIC perspectives 2/16

  • Economic perspectives: labour market recovery strengthens private consumption as the most important pillar of support for the economy
  • Column: statistical sunshine
  • Crédit Mutuel Group posts strong annual performance

CIC perspectives 1/16

  • Economic perspectives: without inflationary pressure monetary policy will remain relaxed
  • Column: China hot... or not?
  • CIC Primus Funds: hunter of lost yields
  • Account overview

CIC perspectives 4/15

  • Economic perspectives: global economic growth remains intact in spite of concerns about the emerging markets
  • Column: via the Way of St. James to Banque CIC (Suisse)
  • Investments in pension funds: what are your real risks?
  • Foreign currencies: buy on the sound of cannons

CIC perspectives 3/15

  • Economic perspectives: stimulus provided by European Central Bank beginning to be felt
  • Column: the right investment solution is a question of time
  • Investment consultancy: investing in partnership
  • Banque CIC (Suisse) supports the visually impaired

CIC perspectives 1/15

  • Economic perspectives: divergent developments in economy and monetary policy
  • Column: the mother of all bubbles
  • Pillar 3a: account or securities?